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Lockpickinglawyer best lock

The LockPickingLawyer is not only looking for locks that are difficult to pick. Several elements contribute to the security of a lock. This is because there are many more methods to catch a wave than simply choosing it. There are also several varieties of cores and keys, some of which are more difficult to select than others.
we are here to find Lockpickinglawyer best lock.

The LockPickingLawyer has tested several locks on YouTube, remarking on their physical strength, pick resistance, and revealing any data flaws.

Here is a collection of LockPickingLawyers’ suggested locks that have performed well in his hands. Some of them come with a personal endorsement from the individual himself.

First, I found what I believe to be the best list of padlocks that have been positively reviewed over the years by LockPickingLawyer. LockPickingLawyers doesn’t offer direct recommendations, but he spoke out on these.

LockPickingLawyer Best Lock – ABUS Diskus 20/70

LockPickingLawyer, in this tweet, recommended this lock as one of the best locks available on Amazon in 2017, but Nothing has changed since.

Not the most crucial lock on this list, but a capable one. Small enough for general use but not too small and robust enough to be put up with some punishment.
I have had one of these locks installed on my door in a high-crime area for several years, and it has never failed. Been outside the whole time, with rain and weather and still working perfectly. A dust cover over the keyhole helps a lot with this.

Not too big, not too small, and not too heavy, this lock is the perfect size for almost any application and is a Goldilocks padlock. This lock was given the title of best padlock due to its strength, durability and size.

For securing gates, garages or other doors, this lock can be combined with the ABUS 140/120 hasp bar to cover the lock’s shackle for added security against cuts and different types of attacks. Together with the stakes, he becomes one of the most potent combos you can find on the market.
Make sure that what you attach this lock to is essential. According to some reports, thieves could get past this lock by cutting or destroying what was attached to it rather than picking it open.

One of the best value locks we’ve ever seen for its security level.While not expensive, you could get a number of smaller locks for the same price as one of these.
Great Security
Small for its level of security


Shackle Thickness10 mm
Lock CoreABUS Plus
Weight12.8 Ounces / 360 grams
BodyStainless Steel
ShackleStainless Steel

Runner Up Best Padlock – Commando Lock Total Guard

The ultimate commando guard, about the size of a medium padlock, is designed to be a severe headache for anyone who doesn’t have a key. Overall, the construction quality is excellent; it is smooth, and the lamination adds a pleasant textured feel. The rubber on the bottom keeps it from scratching anything.

This will withstand much punishment thanks to its distinctive high-carbon laminated riveted body. Furthermore, the high-carbon hardened shackle is protected by an anti-cut shroud. This implies that brute force, bypasses, and cutting is out of the question for this little bad boy of a lock.

Finally, according to Bosnianbill, this lock is a nightmare even for the finest lock pickers. This badass lock has no regular lock pins. This ugly padlock is equipped with all security pins. Yes, every single pin in this lock is meant to make picking it as difficult as possible.

Altogether this is the kind of lock we want more of in the industry. This is precisely what we look for here on Lock Jude, and that’s why this one gets a full five stars from us. Excellent work, Commando Lock!

Very Strong lock bodySomewhat difficult to use
Difficult to open
Very hard to cut


Shackle Thickness5/16″ – 8mm
Lock CoreHigh-security 5-pin cylinder with 10 security pins
TypeShrouded Padlock
Weight1 lbs / 450 grams
BodyZinc-plated laminated carbon steel
ShackleSteel-alloy Shrouded shackle